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Long Awaited Update

As per norm, my summer writing time was waylaid by a pair of not so little boys. They turn 8 next month. I also lost a day of work, its very slow in the summer where I live so hours get cut. Which meant that I lost a lunch/writing break as well. The last two weeks of summer break I was tapped out. I didn’t write a word during that time.

Now for the good news. I’ve started two short stories. The first one is about the first significant case that April and Gamble worked on together. The other is a traditional ish faery tale that I’m writing for an anthology Craig Martelle is doing with the 20 Books to 50k Facebook Group. Hopefully, they like it and that I get it done and edited before the November 24th Deadline. If you’d like to read some of it, the first couple hundred words are in Instagram. Look me up. I’m known as Magicsoulsister. Follow me while you’re there.

Two weeks ago I did a 5 Day Amazon Ads Profit Challenge with Bryan Cohen. I didn’t really need to do this but it had been over a year since I’d ran Amazon ads and I wasn’t familiar with the new format. Turns out the user interface didn’t change much. While I was there Bryan pointed out that the reason I have so few clicks was because the title font wasn’t readable in thumbnail. I’ve been tinkering with building my own cover and created a couple of options. The first one resembled how broken April was at the beginning of the story but I couldn’t get the title to show up easily so I gave up on that one. I did have fun figuring out how to give her werewolf eyes and red hair.

The next one is a cityscape in gray scale with an amber moon. I’ve been told it looks like a DIY cover. I’m okay with that. Its still pretty, it still grabs attention and the title is readable in thumbnail. Fingers crossed that it gets me sales. Why don’t I go buy a new cover and have the original cover designer modify the original cover so it is readable in thumbnail? Because I have to go to Reno for a veterinary convention for continuing education so I can keep my license. Because I’m not making enough writing to quit my job. When my bosses asked me if I wanted to go to Reno they didn’t have to twist my arm very hard. I plan on spending one day there playing, writing, etc. I don’t need all the hours they offer. Go to the book page and see the new cover!

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