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I2/5/23 I’ve rewritten Interview and am currently working on revisions. I’m planning on republishing it next spring. Stay Tuned!

Interview with a Dead Girl


A shifter federal officer. A vampire sociopath. A homicide investigation with too many buried secrets…

FBI agent April Matthews has learned to trust her animal instincts. So when the secret werewolf necromancer has a hunch they jailed the wrong man for murder, she heads to the cemetery for a first-hand account from the victim’s ghost. But she’ll need more than the testimony of a forgetful spirit to take down an unliving serial killer.

Defying her superiors, she combs through the dead witch’s diary and Manhattan’s supernatural district for clues. But her spectral ally is fading fast, and her bloodsucking prime suspect will stop at nothing to prevent her from digging up the shadowy truth.

Can April get justice for her ethereal informant before the brutal murderer strikes again?

Interview with a Dead Girl is a gripping paranormal crime thriller. If you like strong female characters, dark urban magic, and edge-of-your-seat action, then you’ll love Lexy Price’s suspenseful tale.

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