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2019 Was Harsh

At the end of 2018, my sacrum slipped out of place and pinched my sciatic nerve. I was walking like an 80-year-old. In February, I passed a kidney stone. 7 days of hell. They, the doctors, thought I just had a kidney infection. They didn’t believe me when I asked to be checked for a kidney stone. I thought the infected tooth was bad when I was 31 until I passed gall stones at 37. Both were a piece of cake compared to the kidney stone. Even the cesarean when my twins were born wasn’t that bad.

I’m a board member for a local animal rescue. In February we elected a new member. That was a bad idea. Turns out she has narcissist tendencies. Her first meeting started out toxic and didn’t end until the explosive meeting in October. I won’t share more, just that we’re still working out the problems she started.

My mom hasn’t been in good health for the last six years. Her medical records were the size of a textbook. Needless to say, her body started going downhill in the middle of November. She spent Thanksgiving in the hospital and passed away on Christmas Eve.

I’m honestly surprised I got anything written last year. I’m still plugging away on the sequel to Interview with a Dead Girl. At this time I’m a smidge over thirty thousand words. I might have to give up pantsing this novel and actually do an outline. At the moment I’m doubting what I’ve got written. That I might actually have two books competing for screen time which isn’t surprising considering I’m keeping with the two main characters like I did with Interview.

Side note. I’ve put Interview back in Kindle Unlimited. I’ve had not sales what so ever through Draft to Digital the last six months. Maybe I’ll get more traction. In the meantime, I’m running a free promotion on Amazon from Feb 1 through Feb 4. Just to see what happens.

Here’s hoping for a better year. May 2020 bring you good fortune, happiness or whatever floats your boat. – Lexy

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