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Accidental Trilogy

So I decided to leave Interview as is. April has a very complicated life I’m not going to change her story. Her story is back on Amazon on Kindle Unlimited. I may take it wide again later but I also need to take care of some minor edits someday soon.

It occurred to me a few weeks ago that the rewrite is actually a separate story- Book 3 to be precise. I’m going to also finish book 2 that I started last summer prior to deciding Interview needed a major overhaul.

So far book 2 is called Something Wicked where one of the minor characters from Interview is found murdered in — yep, you guessed it– Central Park. The Druids have been hiding something in Central Park. Book 3 is called Night Magic and witches are losing the lives again. But that’s impossible! April killed him in book one. I’ve begun re-reading through the 12k words I’d written last summer for Something Wicked so I can remember where I was going (pantser remember). I’m almost more excited to continue writing Night Magic because that’s where my brain has been since last September, but I know if I write Night Magic first then I’ll have a ton of revising to do once I get done with Something Wicked.

How did I come up with the title for Something Wicked? I went with my dad to Omaha, a five-hour drive from home, and while we were there we stopped at Barnes and Noble. As I was browsing through I was thinking about titles and playing with titles in my head when noticed Something Wicked This Way Comes written by Ray Bradbury. I’ve never read the story. I’ll get there eventually.

Its almost lunch time and I promised I’d have lunch with my boys so I’m going to wrap this up. I’ll have to post a scene or two soon. I’ll try to keep it less than two weeks instead of 4 months. Have a good one!

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