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End of Summer

I’m sure you’ve heard this before…

I had all these plans for this summer like:

  • swimming – didn’t even dip a toe in a pool. Obviously I still haven’t gotten the kayak in the lake yet but we did get out for an hour of fishing on Thursday night. It was beautiful that night with a few lazy clouds reflecting an array of colors as the sun slowly sunk below the horizon.
  • walking every night- I think I went out less than a dozen times
  • writing a monthly blog, on schedule- Ha ha ha
  • playing with my kids- it happened a few times
  • keeping on top of the weeds in my yard- My lawn was lucky to be mowed
  • Plant a garden- I had a volunteer zucchini show up. and lots of crab grass
  • Write every day- didn’t happen every day but I’m guessing I added 5000 words to the sequel to Interview with a Dead Girl.
  • My kids did get a week with their grandparents and I also had hopes of getting caught up on de cluttering my house while they were gone. I should know better. Every time the kids are gone, I get extra time at work. Sigh.

What happened? Well, the last three weeks a co-worker has been out of town for a sick grand baby. I understand. I’d have done the same thing.

Take yesterday for example- we had an older dog in labor come in, she wasn’t pushing and the owner was hoping she was done. No. 5 pups to go. Gave her some fluids because she was dehydrated and some time. She didn’t re-start active labor. Therefore at 6 pm we started her cesarean. I left work at 8. “I tried to keep you under 40 hours this week.” I heard as the dog was waking up.

I also came down with a summer cold last week. I didn’t feel awful. No runny nose, sneezing or coughing. Just a sore throat, enlarged lymph nodes, tonsils didn’t go up, throbbing headache when I bent over and a little fluid in my ears. I was in denial and wondering why I had no energy. By Thursday I was feeling better but the headache came back yesterday morning. It was gone by noon and so far no recurrences.

My kids come back tomorrow. I feel like this summer has almost been a waste. If I hadn’t made any progress on the story it would have been a waste. I will not be disappointed at this summer even though my house is still a disaster. I guess I should go watch an episode of Hoarders to make me fell better.

On the bright side- the kids start school on Wednesday and I’ll have my Tuesdays free to do stuff. I don’t think I’ll generate a to do list because when I do it gets derailed.

Hope you all had a fantastic summer!

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