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Hotel Transylvania 3 with spoilers

Edit- I wrote this on July 14 and didn’t get around to posting it until today. No excuses. On with the show.

I rarely find a movie I’m interested in being released on or near my birthday.  This year is an exception. I got two. Last night we watched Hotel Transylvania 3. I was super excited when they announced the release date.  We took the boys along because they enjoyed the first two in the series.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I think I laughed more than anyone in the audience.  Perhaps it’s my age. The younger adults and teens hadn’t experienced some of jokes about the pop culture.

The story revolves around Dracula being lonely and like his daughter, he zings for a human when he thought it was impossible to zings for a second time.  Only she isn’t just a human. She is a Van Helsing, a hunter of monsters. The more she tries to take him out she sees him and his family. Not only does she fall for Dracula but she also is attracted to his family having never having a family other than her crazy great grandfather. Van Helsing senior is determined to kill Dracula once and for all and his great granddaughter Captain Ericka has jumped on board his crazy train.

She won’t be dissuaded though and at the end of the movie, takes the cruise ship to Atlantis – get this, it’s a Casino. There is a sea monster Ericka releases while Van Helsing plays a sinister tune. I actually liked the beat. In order to defeat the monster they need music that is upbeat. Enter Good Vibrations from the Beach Boys. One of my dad’s favorite bands although I think he liked Jan and Dean better. The song only worked for a moment.

When Johnny started playing Don’t Worry, Be Happy I remembered all the times I heard that song.  Especially the time my dad got a speeding ticket. Once the patrol officer released us, Dad turned on the radio and that song was playing.  I had to hold back a laugh because he was so angry. My brother and I thought it was incredibly funny.

Then Johnny pulled up Macarena. I was laughing while the rest of the audience just sat there. Perhaps they chose songs from the wrong decade, I honestly can’t think of silly positive music that would fit the situation presented in the story. What songs would you use to make an angry sea creature happy?

If you get the chance to see this movie in the theater, do so. I’m glad I did. While we’re on the topic, you should also watch The Incredibles 2. IT’S AWESOME!

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