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Ending the Silence

I decided to try NANOWRIMO again this year. I’m using NANO to help me reach the deadline for Interview with a Dead Girl’s rewrites. I had intentions on writing a short zombie story for an anthology before December 1st but I can’t get into that story with April and Natalie in my head. I’ve gotten some great ideas for making Interview a better story, one that people will hopefully enjoy and not be overwhelmed by a character (April) who has so much going on in her life. April being a werewolf, FBI agent, witch with necromancy powers was pushing it too much. So I cut out the werewolf aspect in her life. She’s still involved with Drew though.  Natalie also won’t be a point of view character. One point of view character is enough for the beginning of a series. I guess I’ll challenge myself with other stories. Every story I write I tend to make it more complicated to write. I’ve gotten five chapters into it and I’m already re-thinking how the story is going but that’s not a bad thing. I’ll make notes and move on.

My NANOWRIMO word count so far is 1350 words.

I was doing pretty good at noon on the 1st with 471 words but I worked eleven hours that day and I was a vegetable when I got home. I wasn’t doing much better on the 2nd. My lunch break didn’t happen. I got to eat but I had no time for writing.

I’ll try to blog every other week. Posting on Tuesdays.

Happy Writing!

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