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Summer 2018 *Spoilers* included

There’s something new in my garage. No, it’s not a car. I am now the proud owner of my first kayak. I’ve been hoping to one day get one for years. I was planning on buying one when I made $1000 from book sales after paying for the editor, advertising, cover art, etc.  But today is my birthday and my husband bought it for me! I can’t wait to try it. I suppose I ought to go watch videos on how not to drown myself. I’ve watched a few but its been a while.

My kids just finished their first week of swim lessons this summer, one more week to go. There is 4 weeks until school starts. Why are they starting school August 15? Are they predicting tons of snow this winter? An ice storm or two? I’m almost looking forward having them back in school but I’ve also had fun with them this summer. Having them out of school on my day off ruins my writing time but I love them.

My yard is over grown and its been triple digits lately. Today’s high is 86 with 61% humidity. I think I’ll wait until tomorrow morning to mow the grass and cut back the tree seedlings I have yet to dig up. I intended to plant a garden this spring and my husband even tilled it for me. The foxtail grass has taken over. Oh, and I have a zucchini that seeded itself from last year so I guess I’ll have fresh zucchini.

I suppose you’d like me to tell you about the sequel to Interview with a Dead Girl. I would love to have it finished by the end of September making it the fastest book I’ve ever written. Well see. I’m not much for plotting but the more I write the more I want to know where the story is going before I get there but, I also hate knowing where its going. It loses its sense of adventure and unpredictability.  So, nine months after the end of Interview April has been taking care of an emotional Keven who sometimes hates April, hates himself and blames both of them for the death of his brother while closing Noah’s estate. Shannon is still teaching her magic once a week and while she’s in the city she spends time with Natalie, Laura and Lucy. Bruce sends her through a portal into the Metropolitan Museum of Art after hours triggering the alarms. the last thing she needs is to find is a dead man in Central Park. I’m excited and nervous about writing a sequel. Bizarre things happen in my sequels. I’m doing my best keeping the werewolf half of her life in her life.

I have an hour before I pick up my kids. I think I need to get something done, like dishes. Why can’t I completely ignore the housework?

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