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Inspiration for Interview with a Dead Girl

Interview with a Dead Girl started out as In the Graveyard (ITG) in 2006. That’s right, I started it almost twelve years ago.  I would write on it for a while then stop when I would get stuck. A couple of years later I’d pick it up again, read the beginning and fall in love all over again, figure out where it could go and start writing again. Two years ago I picked it up again and decided it would make an awesome debut novel, I just had to finish it. I had the crazy idea of actually publishing it that year. You should hear me laughing at myself.

The next summer (2017) I had finally ‘finished’ the rough draft. I went through and re-read it, (I’m laughing at myself again), and spent all summer polishing it with the intention of releasing it in December. I even sent it to and editor in September. It got caught in my spam filter in October so I finally got it back the end of November. No way could I have it published in December.

I don’t exactly remember where ITG came from, not like I remember how a couple of my other novels started( that may or may not get published). Two years earlier Kelley Armstrong released Bitten her story about Elena Michaels the only female werewolf on the planet. I didn’t read it the year it was released and I also didn’t read the series in order. I started with Dime Store Magic- it was awesome! I don’t remember when I read that one either, I never date my books, I don’t keep a reading list and yes, I have duplicate books on my shelf (and movies).  I also haven’t re-read the book ever and I’m half way through season 2 of the show.

There aren’t many similarities between Elena and April. April was bitten by her friends from college on a camping trip during spring break, not her boyfriend like Clay. April never wanted a steady relationship with anyone. Elena can’t communicate with the dead. April works as an agent for the FBI, not a reporter (or photographer like in the SyFy series). April is smart enough to get out of the city for the full moon while Elena tries and fails at keeping her wolf under control, at least in the show.  April and Elena had traumatic childhoods. April was haunted by her best friend for three years.

April was originally named Hanna and Drew was Sam. Noah never had his name changed. Nathan was originally named Will.

Jeremy and Noah are similar in being pack alpha but there aren’t as many rules in Noah’s pack – at least Noah hasn’t shared them with me yet.

Drew and Clay aren’t much alike except for being the love interest and being intellectuals. Drew is a professor of ancient Irish history.  I should shut up now because otherwise I might get some details wrong. I know what I wrote, I don’t remember what Kelley wrote exactly. I don’t want to look like an idiot or someone who forgets everything. Also stopping so I don’t give away anything. No spoilers today.


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