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I finally figured it out!

I was washing dishes and listening to Derek Murphy’s YouTube video about writing book blurbs that convert when an idea popped into my head. I love moments like this!


Ethan Griffith is the antagonist / villain in Interview with a Dead Girl. He doesn’t get much scene time. Probably for a good reason. I didn’t know much about him through most of the story. He just didn’t speak to me much. I’m about 6 weeks from publication date and this may sound crazy, but- I finally figured out what his motivation was in killing Natalie!

So what is his motivation?

In the words of Jim Butcher- “I’m not gonna tell you!”

What’s next?

I go and add it into the story.  I’m super excited I finally know what’s going through Ethan’s head!

Oh and Derek Murphy, I know you aren’t likely to read this but Thank You!

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