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Its time for my annual-ish post.

Okay, so its been 3 years since my last post. I seriously don’t know it got to be so long.

No matter how hard I try, I just keep putting off posting here. I haven’t been avoiding the writing though. After the last post in June of 2020, I realized I’d made a mistake with the first chapter of Interview. April behaved like a whiny, petulant child. Most people who are 42 year old adults don’t behave this way. So I started with rewriting the first chapter. One chapter led to another and a year later I’d rewritten about 85% of April’s story.

One big change, April works for NYPD instead of the FBI. I almost took the werewolf aspect out of her life and just made her a mage but her being a werewolf was such a big part of her life that it had to stay.

This summer I backed down to part time at work but that didn’t increase my work counts. In fact, I think it made it worse since the boys were home all the time. Yes, they’re that old that we don’t have a daycare bill anymore.

I then took about a month off and returned to writing Something Wicked which didn’t last long. It has great potential I have to think about it some more. You wouldn’t mind a slight change of genre right. Say, a heist, with multiple point of view characters? Our police officers have to figure out why a carved bear totem in a bank safe deposit box, a drinking horn, a viking sword form a museum and a goddess statue were stolen. And why Shannon, a druid, is missing.

On a personal note:

My boys have started 6th grade and so far the year is looking up. The last two years were rough. They struggled with their school work. I’ve had one tested for ADHD and he is borderline. After a ton of research, I suspect the other boy and I have it as well. It is a genetic trait after all, like dyslexia, hypothyroidism, red hair and blue eyes. I believe that is why their maturity was behind many of the kids in their class. Last night they did their homework, no fuss. It was awesome! I hope it continues.

My husband and I have both lost our moms. He also lost his grandmother, his one remaining grandparent, 12 days ago. She was 95 years and was diagnosed with kidney failure at 92. She wasn’t eligible for dialysis because of her age. His mom had fought cancer for 17 years. My mom had non alchoholic fatty liver with cirrhosis and a-fib. That’s a lot to deal with. So far our dad’s are doing well but they have health issues as well.

We upgraded the internet service a few weeks ago and that killed the website for a while. Yay! It’s back!

My house is a disaster, the boys room is a disaster but today I decided to get the website updates caught up. I would right a new post- here it is! And catch up my bank account, vacuum the pet hair, wash dishes and laundry, and above all play Days Gone! I love that game.

I’m on my second playthrough with the hard level and its surprisingly easy. Perhaps I should go up to Hard2?

If you get the opportunity you should watch SpawnicusRex and 8Bit_terror. They’re a couple who met because of Days Gone. She also has a pretty good podcast. She has even interviewed the actor that played Deacon. You know the guy- Sam Witwer. He’s been on the American version of Being Human, is the voice of Darth Maul on Star Wars: Rebels, The Clone Wars, and the game Force Unleashed.

If you’ve made it this far through my rambling, thank you for sticking with me. I should be done with Interview’s edits by the end of September, maybe sooner and I’ll be looking for a few beta readers before I send it out to an editor. I’ll need one of those too. I’m hoping to have it published, um republished sometime in January. I haven’t decided on a date yet. I’m not a plotter, I’m a pantser. I might just skip the editor. Plotting happens after the first draft.

School gets out in 15 minutes, guess its time to go. See you soon, maybe later. Have an awesome day, month, year. Check out my Facebook page or find me on Instagram @magicsoulsister.

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