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I’m still waiting on my editor. Its driving me insane. Not really but I may just have to move my release date again. in the mean time I thought I’d share something I’m working on.

TALE OF THE GOLDEN TURTLE is a YA fantasy about Riley a fifteen year old girl that moves from Kansas to Florida with her dad, after her mom dies tragically. She gives her dad a hard time. Obviously she’s not happy about leaving her friends and family behind. While she’s feeling sad for herself she sits on the beach crying when the waves crash over her feet and suddenly she’s a mermaid. She soon learns her family was cursed to stay on land for three centuries, her mom is the infamous pirate Anne Bonney and she can manipulate time. Soon Anne asks for her help escaping a prison three hundred years before and the long forgotten pirate Artemis Zane is determined to become the most famous pirate of all time.

While you’re there you can also read the start of VISIONS IN BELMONT a short story set in the fiction town of Belmont Nebraska. Belmont Nebraska is actually a ghost town which is good because this is sort of ghost story



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