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Interview with a Dead Girl

A deadly secret brings two women together to catch a supernatural killer.

Federal Agent April Matthews was born with a rare ability to communicate with the dead. At nineteen she survived a werewolf attack. Now she’s a skilled investigator with secrets.

Natalie Meguire had a life of privilege and magic and a wonderful fiance, or so she thought. The night before her wedding she was kidnapped and murdered. After an exhaustive investigation, her killer went free.

When Lauren Regan goes missing, April is on the case and she has an unusual snitch. The ghost of Natalie Meguire. In a race against time, can April and Natalie catch a murderer, or will the bloodthirsty serial killer claim another victim? Is he going to get more than he bargained for?

In an Interview With a Dead Girl, Lexy Price takes you on a paranormal thrill ride of danger, betrayal, and mystery.

Look for it on Amazon US, Amazon UK in Paperback and Kindle Unlimited.

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